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Community Group Questions

Community Group Question for 4/14/19 Sermon and Text

Community Group Questions

“The New Hope Part 2: Darkness Before the Dawn” 4/14/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 7 and 8

Series: Beginnings 

1). In 7:1 we see that Noah’s household was protected through Noah’s righteousness.  We know that salvation is an individual act, but in what ways can a righteous family member be a blessing, even to an unbelieving household?

2). In 7:5 how is Noah a new and better “type of Adam”?  How does he stand apart from the rest of the world?

3). The phrase “As the Lord commanded Noah” is repeated 3 times in chapter 7?  Why do you think that is?  Do you think that this was something that was “fun” or “easy” to obey?  What principles can we learn about obedience through the response of Noah?

4). Chapters 7 and 8 are both testimonies to God’s AWESOME power.  In what ways are “and God commanded” and the demonstrations of His awesome power related?

5). Even though those who claim that they “could never believe in a God who judges”, do you think most people have some sort of system of believing the things they see as bad deserving of judgment?

6). How do the dove and the olive branch represent new life?

7). In what ways do we see Noah’s heart when his first act after getting off the ark was to create an alter and worship?

8). How are “we” (meaning the church) an evidence that God will never again wipe away every living thing?

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