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Community Group Questions

Community Group Question for 4/28/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The New Hope Part 3: The Re-Commission” 4/28/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 9

Series: Beginnings 

1). Genesis 9 opens up with a commandment for Noah and his offspring to be fruitful and multiply.  Where else do we see similar commandments in the Old Testament?  How is this commandment similar to those other occurrences?

2). Why does God make such a big deal about the blood in 9:4-6?

3). In verse 7 God repeats the commandment to be fruitful and multiply.  Why does God repeat Himself?

4). Does verse 6 make a scriptural case for the death penalty for murder?  Is there anyone in the group who does not believe in the death penalty? 

5). Multiplication seems to be a theme throughout Genesis.  If something is healthy should we assume that it will grow or multiply? Do we have examples in Scripture or nature where healthy organisms do NOT grow or multiply?

6). Explain what a covenant is and explain the covenant that God makes with Noah. 

7). Who does the blessing of the “seed” go to amongst Noah’s children?  Trace each of the people who the Promised Line has passed through so far.

8). How does the Old Testament commandment to “be fruitful and multiply” relate to the Great Commission in the New Testament (read Matthew 28:16-20)?

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