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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions and for 1/27/19 Text and Sermon

Community Group Questions

“A Guide to Walking in Assurance” 1/27/19

If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

Scripture: Read- Genesis 1:1-2, John 1:1-5, Job 38:1-5

Series: Beginnings: Genesis 1-12   

1). What is God teaching us about Himself in the creation narrative in Genesis? 

2). Ravi Zaccharias has been quoted as saying, “If ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ is true then all other miracles in the Bible are not only possible but likely”.  What do you think about that quote?

3). Why does God use the creation story to answer Job and his friends at the end of the book of Job?   

4.) What practical things can we glean about God from how He deals with Job using the creation story?   

5). Genesis 1 seems to attribute creation to the Spirit, while John 1 seems to attribute creation to Jesus.  Which is it? 

6). Why is it so important that the Bible begins with the words “In the beginning God…?”

7). What does it look like to truly have God be the beginning and the hero of our story?


Application Points from Sermon: 

1. God is very OK with His own self authentication and we should be to (our job is not to argue people into believing the existence of God) 

2. God is Holy and unique and should be honored as Holy and unique (there is no baseline to compare Him to from His Creation and to try to do so lessens who He truly is) 

3. God makes it clear that the story is about Him and He is the compass.  (Our stories should be His Stories and Christ should always be our Compass) 

4. God did many awesome things in His Creation that we could not understand in our finite minds so we must avoid the pitfall of Job of trying to confine Him by our finite minds (try to define Him with the finite and you will confine the Infinite) 

5. Creation was an act of the Triune God that was done By, Through and For His Son- teaching us about worship of the Triune God through the Person of Jesus Christ 

6. God brings order out of Chaos and He is hovering over that which is formless, void and confusing in your life to bring order in the chaos

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