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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 4/7/19

Community Group Questions

“The New Hope Part 1: Judgment and the Redeemer” 4/7/19

If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

You can watch the live stream from Sunday Here 

Scripture: Read- Genesis 6

Series: Beginnings 

1). In what ways do the events of Genesis 6-9 mirror the events (or become a “type” of the events) that we know as Easter and Good Friday?

2). Where is the connection between Noah and the Arc and the Cross mentioned in the New Testament?

3). What was the nature of the wickedness that was being judged by God in Genesis 6:1-13?

4). In what ways do we see that same wickedness being manifested in our world today?

5). Even though those who claim that they “could never believe in a God who judges”, do you think most people have some sort of system of believing the things they see as bad deserving of judgment?

6). Why does a Holy God have to judge wickedness and lawlessness in order to be just?

7). What sets apart Noah to be used by God in such a great way?

8). How do the events of Noah and the Ark foreshadow Christ and the Cross?

9). What was the sign of God’s covenant with Noah? What is the sign of God’s covenant with us?  How do we observe or remember the signs of God’s covenant with us?

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