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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 10/7 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“A Guide to Knowing Jesus 10/7/18”

If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

To watch the Video of the Service Click Here (Sermon starts at 40 minute mark) 

Scripture: Read- 1 John 1:1-4

Series: 1 John: A Guide to the Christian Life

Connecting the teaching and the worship: One of the songs that we sang this week was “Behold Our God”. Please review the lyrics if you are not familiar-how does “Behold our God” connect to the experience that John relates about his encounter with Jesus?

1) In the introduction we saw how John went from being the angry “Son of Thunder” to the “Apostle of Love”. This is a great testimony to what an encounter with Jesus can do.  How has your encounter with Jesus changed you?

2) Why does A Guide to the Christian Life HAVE TO begin with a real encounter with Jesus?

3) If we have not encountered Jesus in the same way as John, how can we be sure that our encounter with Jesus is just as real?

4) When sharing Jesus with others, how do we pass along a real encounter with the Person of Jesus?

5). Why is it important that we teach that an encounter with Jesus is not just the “entry point” of the Christian life, but that it IS the Christian Life? 

6). Heart question- Can you point to the last time you experienced Jesus in a real and intimate way” 

7) Why is it important that a deepening walk with Jesus results in a deepening fellowship with the “people of Jesus”?

8). Has your new life in Jesus been made manifest?  What evidences of that new life are taking place in your life? 

9). How is your fellowship with Jesus?  Could you invite others to have fellowship with Jesus “in the same way that you fellowship with Jesus” like

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