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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 1/13/19 Sermon and Text


Community Group Questions

“A Guide to Walking in Complete Assurance” 1/13/19- Eric Loyer

 If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

Scripture: Read- 1 John 5:12-21

Series: A Guide to the Christian Life: A Study Through the Book of 1 John

1). General question- what really stuck out to you in the passage or the sermon on this passage? 

2). Coming to the end- Discuss in your groups “What were some of the major themes covered in the book of 1 John, and what is the importance of those major themes to the Christian Life”?

3). Verse 13 starts a new paragraph and in many bibles there is a subject heading between verses 12 and 13, but why is a proper understanding and application of verse 13 dependent on understanding verse 12?   

4.) Verse 13, John actually tells you why he wrote the book.  What is the reason that he gives for writing 1 John? 

a. Interesting thought- in modern books, the author puts the reason for writing in the beginning of the book, why do you think John waited until the end to share his reason for writing?

5). This passage explains the doctrine of assurance.  This is a critical doctrine in our walk with God, so in your groups:

a. Explain what the doctrine of assurance means

b. Talk about why it is important to living the Christian life

6). What are some of the reasons that people (genuine believers) lack confidence or assurance in their walk with God?  (Give reasons from Scripture if you know where to find them)

7). How could someone who struggles with assurance begin to walk in a deeper assurance or confidence in their walk with Jesus?

8). Why is it important to God that His children walk in assurance?

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So grateful that the Word of the Lord is so clearly preached to us here at Redeemer... Thank you for being the good steward of that Word, dear Eric. If even one person left there on Sunday being more confident in God's power to keep them, it would be worth it! I'm encouraged to hear it on Wednesday in prep for group tonight. Just wish the audio team would have let us hear you sing "Blessed Assurance" all the way through!...:)

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