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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 3/31/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The Importance of Genealogies in Genesis” 3/31/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 5 and 10

Series: Beginnings 

1). What reasons might the genealogies from chapters 5 & 10 be beneficial to the original hearers?  To us today?

2). Each of us play a role in the spiritual ancestry within our family/friends/neighbors.  What is your current role?  How are you building upon those before you or beginning a new line of faith?

3). Faith is foundational to pleasing God and walking with Him.  Where (or who) has the encouragement come for you in the past, to continue to walk with the Lord?

4). What has caused you to stop walking with Jesus in the past?  Have you talked openly, honestly and without holding back, to the Lord about why you stopped walking with Him and repented?

5). When was the last time you prayed for your faith or for the faith of someone whose faith may have been on the edge of failing?  Is there someone you should be praying for today?

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