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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 5/12/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“Chosen in Love” 5/12/19

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Scripture: Read- Ephesians 1:1-14

Series: Stand Alone Message 

1). Why is it important to say that he is writing these things according to the will of God and not the will of man?

2). Paul identifies that he is writing to Christians.  When looking at the main idea for the text and the main idea for the book, why is it important to note that he is writing to a Christian audience?

3). Why is it that people often have an easier time discussing or responding to messages about what we must do for God rather than focusing on what God has done for us?

4). Rather than getting bogged down in discussion about “when” God chose us or “how” God chose us- regardless of your theology on timing of these things, the plain reading of the verses focuses on the fact that God did choose us- what are the reasons given for God choosing us?

5). How does the the fact that God chose to be His children us help us to rest in the fact that God cannot and will not unchoose us and help us to rest in the fact that He will always love us?

6). How does reflecting on these truths that build on each other in chapter 1 remind us of how much God truly loves us?

7). People differ on how they see and experience God’s love. Which is easier for you- to focus on how you love God or how God loves you?

8). Personal reflection: How long has it been since you have been overwhelmed with a sense of God’s love for you? What are the things/situations that serve as a reminder to you of God’s love for you?

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