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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 2/24/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The God Who is There in Good Times and Bad” 2/24/19

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Scripture: Read- Psalm 116   

1). Why does the Psalmist declare that he loves the Lord in verses 1-2? 

2). Why is it important in times when our faith is challenged to start off with a foundation of remembering our love for the Lord and His love for us?

3). In what ways does verse 3 help remind us that just because we are walking closely with the Lord that we will not be immune to trial?   

4). What did the Psalmist do when intense trials came into his live (v. 4)?

5).How did the Lord respond to the Psalmists plea for mercy (5-9)? 

6). Verses 10-11 the Psalmist goes back into reliving his time of trial.  How is it helpful to remember that we will go through ups and downs rather than just a continual upward trajectory?

7). How does the Psalmist respond to the Lord in light of His great faithfulness?

8). Why is lifting up our cup to the Lord an act of worship?

9). How does the Lord feel about the passing of His children (v. 15)?

10). Going from the previous verses, how has the Lord “loosed the Psalmist’s bonds? (v. 16)”.  How has He loosed your bonds?

11). What is the proper response to seeing the Lord loose our bonds? (verses 16-19)

12. What does this Psalm teach us about praise in the midst of mourning?

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