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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 3/10/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The Fall- Part 2” 3/10/19

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Scripture: Read- Genesis 3:6-15

Series: Beginnings 

1). What reasons does verse 6 give for why the woman ate of the fruit?

2). We typically think of wisdom as a good thing.  Why does it seem to be used in a negative connotation in this passage? (think Provers 9:10)

3). What was the first result of eating the fruit that we see in verse 7?  How were things different now from what they used to be?

4). Why did Adam and Eve “sew fig leaves” to cover their shame?

5). In what ways do people today “sew fig leaves” to cover their shame?

6). How did Adam and Eve respond to God walking through the Garden in verse 8?

7). Why does sin cause people to hide from God?

8). What should our posture toward God be instead when we are in sin?

9). Why did God call out “Where are you?” In verse 9

10). In what ways does God still do that when people are running away from Him?

11). Why did sin cause them to be afraid of God when they had never been afraid before? (verses 10-11)

12). In what ways do we see blame shifting instead of taking responsibility for sin (verses 12-13)?  How does that still exist today?

13). In what ways does verse 15 provide the first “good news” in a passage full of bad news?

14). How are the garments the Lord made (v.21) superior to the fig leaves made by Adam?


Application Points to Sunday's Sermon 

1. Are there ways that you are flirting with temptation and hanging out on the doorstep of sin?

2. Are you sewing fig leaves to cover your shame or are you taking it to the cross?

3. Do you see God as one who you can run TOWARDS or do you see Him as someone to hide from and run away from?

4. What could you possible hope to achieve by hiding or running away from God?

5. Can you take personal responsibility for your sin rather than blame shift because you believe that the Gospel is big enough and God is gracious enough to completely cover your shame?

6. Are you allowing Christ to bare your shame, take your fig leaves and do you understand that there is NOTHING that you could ever do that could keep you from RUNNING to Him and receiving His all sufficient grace?

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