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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions for 6/16/19

Community Group Questions

“Remaining in the Spirit” 6/16/19

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Scripture: Read- Galatians 3:1-6

Series: Stand Alone   

1). Describe how your heart responded to Jesus back when Jesus was brand new to you?  How have things changes (for better or worse) the longer you have been a Christian?

2). Why was Paul’s tone really strong with the Galatians?

3). It is possible to be really strong in confronting someone yet still be loving? Is it necessary at times? 

4). What did Paul mean when he said that “it was before their eyes that Christ was publicly crucified?  Take into account that none of them likely were witnesses to the crucifixion of Christ.

5). How can we, as the Galatians did, take something that began in the Spirit and try to perfect it in our flesh?

6). What are some of the indicators (fruits) of taking something that began in the Spirit and trying to perfect it in our flesh?   

7. How is a bitterness or a growing amount of resentments a clear indicator that we are taking something that was born of the Spirit but we are now operating in the flesh?

8. How can we avoid taking something that began in the Spirit and starting to operate in our flesh?

9. Said in a more positive light- how can we ensure that what began in the Spirit remains in the Spirit?

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