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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions from the 10/28/18 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“A Guide to Walking in Christian Maturity” 10/28/18

Unfortunately the message did not record this week :( 

Or you can watch the stream of the whole service by clicking here

Scripture: Read- 1 John 2:3-14

Series: 1 John: A Guide to the Christian Life Part 4

Connecting the teaching and the worship: We sang the song “Be Thou My Vision” this Sunday.  How is having the Lord as the center of your vision (your lenses, if you will) central to Christian maturity?

1) Start off easy- was there any point of this week’s passage or sermon that really impacted you? 

2) Review- define propitiation.  When John says that Jesus was the propitiation for the whole world, why can he not mean “every person in the world”?

3) How can the speed at which we live our lives be a hindrance to awe? 

4) What does John say is the evidence of the fact that we truly know Jesus (1 John 2:3)? 

5). Should we question the reality of someone’s relationship with God who has no desire to keep His commandments? 

6). John says that he is not writing anything “new” (1 John 2:7).  If it is not new, why is it still important?   

7) According to John, what is the evidence that darkness is passing away and giving way to light?  What is the evidence that darkness remains? (1 John 2:8-11)

8). Who are the three distinct groups John is addressing in 2:12-14 and what is he specifically asking of them?

9). What personal application can YOU take from the 3 groups that John is addressing in this 1 John 2:12-14?


Some words of Practical Application from our passage

  1. We, as Children of God, have been made righteous and are covered in the righteousness of Christ
  2. We who have been made righteous should be living lives that are consistent with who we are in Christ
  3. Those who have been made righteous will no longer be walking in darkness, but walking in light
  4. Those who have been made righteous should be growing in maturity
  5. Our maturity is measured by our love (Who we love, what we love and how we love)


Application Questions from the sermon:  

1. Do you have the assurance in your heart of knowing that you belong to Him?

2. Is the way you act consistent with who you are and is your identity consistent with how you act?

3. As you mature in Christ, is your heart increasingly defined by love?

4. Do you allow the Holy Spirit to shine light on any areas of darkness?

5. Are you allowing yourself to hang onto areas of hatred toward a brother or sister when God’s Word is clearly telling you to release it?

6. Are former areas of darkness being replaced by love?

7. As you grow from little children to mature adulthood, are you taking on a greater family resemblance?

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