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Community Group Questions

Community Group Questions from the 12/16/18 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“Christ is the Secret to Contentment” 12/16/18

 If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

Scripture: Read- Philippians 4:11-23

Series: Advent Conspiracy: Recovering Christmas- Part 3 

Connecting the teaching and the worship: How does singing praises to our God help us to grow in our contentment in Christ and decrease grumbling in our lives?

1). Why do you think it is more prevalent for people (statistically) to struggle with contentment during holiday seasons? 

2). Have you been experiencing a season of restlessness?  Can you pinpoint what might be the heart-cause?

3). What can we learn from Paul in this passage who according to 4:11 had every reason to struggle with contentment yet was still content in Christ? 

4.) Why is it that people so often fall into the trap of thinking “if this were to just happen…then I would be content”? 

5). Why is that kind of thinking the enemy of true contentment?

6). According to 4:13, what (or Who) was Paul’s secret to being content?

7). Think of Simeon (Luke 2), the Magi (Matthew 2) and others who beheld the birth of Christ.  What sort of expressions of contentment do we see from them?

8). What are some reminders (from our passage in Philippians 4 or other places) to help us remain in a place of contentment this Christmas season?

9). How does being in community help us to walk in deeper contentment?

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