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Community Group Questions

Sermon Questions for 3/17/19 Sermon

Community Group Questions

“The Fall: Part 3- The Curse” 3/17/19

If you have not listened to the message yet, there are many ways to do so at

Scripture: Read- Genesis 3:14-24

Series: Beginnings 

1). Why did God have to bring a curse after the disobedience in order to be a just God?

2). Who were the 3 living parties being cursed in this passage?  (not including the earth which had its own set of curses)

3). State the curses upon each of the 3 parties.

4). Verse 14 is typically looked at as the curse of Satan and verse 15 is typically looked at as the “first good news”.  How do verses 14 and 15 combine to be both a curse on Satan and good news when taken together?

5). In what ways do we still see the specific curses mentioned in Genesis 3 continue to play out?

6). We know that some day Jesus will return and FULLY reverse the curse, but in what ways has Jesus ALREADY begun to reverse the curse?

7). In what ways is the church (the gathering of genuine believers worldwide) helping to step in the gap and help reverse the curse un this present age?

8). How are the garments that the Lord made different than the fig leaves that Adam made?

9). In what way is it actually an act of GRACE for God to dispel Adam and Eve from the Garden

10). Good News- Make sure you understand the good news in verse 15.  If you did not cover that thoroughly then go back- its that important!

11). Look at Revelation 22- in what was is heaven a “return to Eden?”

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