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Local Church Planting

Local Church Planting

Our vision at Redeemer is to see churches planted in each zipcode on the Jersey Shore. There are hundred's of thousands in a short drive from each of our houses who go through this life and the next without the hope of the Gospel. 

We have already been commissioned (Matthew 28:16-20) and we believe that church planting is the most biblical method for making disciples and reaching the lost (Matthew 16:18).

We believe that God has called us to Himself to send us out as a missionary people (John 20:21) to serve as "ambassadors of reconcilliation" (2 Corinthians 5:11-21) calling the world to be reconciled to our loving Creator through the redemption of Jesus Christ.  

Our desire is to plant and support reproducing churches and we have partnered with others to help us live out that vision and calling

Our desire is to begin "The Jersey Shore Church Planting Network" and we are launching a regional pastoral training school and a center for Christian Education to help assist those who are already a part of Redeemer and those who are interested in partnering to reach our home with the Gospel. 


This fall, theory will become reality with the planting of a new campus, Redeemer Brick, which will be led by one of our pastors, Daniel Nelms.  

They have their initial kickoff on August 19th and will be gathering as a core group this fall.  Below is some a collection of, blogs and videos that provide more information and answer any questions about Redeemer Brick.

Question 1: Why Plant Churches in Our own Backyard? 
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Question #2: Why Plant Another Redeemer Fellowship?
To read our blog regarding Question 2 click HERE

Check out our new website for the Brick Plant and directions to gatherings here

If you have any questions or are interested in being a part of the Redeemer Brick team or future plants please email us at