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The Gospel and Race: On Earth as It Is in Heaven

If you watch the news or engage any areas of social media or just look around, it is clear that there are areas of racial tension and injustice in this nation and many of these issues have been polarizing in the church rather than bringing unity. It is nearly impossible to engage the topic without offending someone who sees things differently. It is further complicated b...

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Brick Church Plant (Q#2): Why plant another "Redeemer Fellowship"?

TRANSCRIPT BELOW: I was born and raised in Georgia, in the deep south. One of the unique things about the state of Georgia is it's number of counties - 154 counties in all. This number is second only to the number of counties in Texas, a state more than double its size. New Jersey also has something unique about it - we have 565 municipalities. This is a very large n...

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Why we need new church plants on the Jersey Shore

In the famous words of Dave Letterman, "96% of all statistics are made up on the spot." Yes, it is true that according to whomever does the research, it is difficult to have no bias whatsoever in the work. And it's also true that you can often hear two statistics concerning the same topic that completely and utterly contradict one another. In prefacing with this, I want t...

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Life after Social Networking: Three changes that affected my life after I left Facebook

(To begin, I am aware of the fact that this blog is being posted on Facebook - so there is a bit of a contradiction here. I'm also aware that Facebook can be used for much, much good. But bare with me) Neil Postman, a philosopher and social critic who wrote primarily in the 1980's and 1990's had this to say about technology: "all technological change is a trade-off T...

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Christian Freedom and the American Dream: You are free to be content with less!


Recently on a NPR special, they were taking calls concerning the realization that the “American Dream” isn’t as readily available for my generation (those born in the 1980s to now) as in past generations. It’s too expensive, good paying jobs are harder to come by, and college is becoming essentially unaffordable for the average American. The question posed was this...

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Why Replant a Church rather than close its doors?


I love reading about a church's history, especially if that church has been in existence for a century or more. Those black and white photographs of an old plain church building surrounded by people who ministered to their communities so long ago - what a great spiritual heritage to have! What a gift and a tresure to continue the work of so many saints who have come before...

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Foundations #6 - Church Planting, Replanting, and Revitalization

Paul and the Apostles understood this commission of Christ as a call to plant churches. He would travel to major urban cities with regional influences, plant a church, and then move on to the next city. People traveling to and fro from these cities would carry the Christian message to the outer limits and small towns outside the city, and thus more churches were planted. I...

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The True Nature of Giving and Generosity

What is the nature of true generosity and giving? This question needs to be asked as we enter into the Christmas season, where giving and generosity has actually been embedded not just within the Christian church, but also in our secular culture. This annual December generosity often takes the form of Christmas presents, but it is not unusual to see local food pantrys ge...

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On Good Friday, the Temple was Destroyed.

"You who would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save yourself! If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross." - Matthew 27:40 Little did they realize that in a few short hours, he would indeed destroy the Temple by disabling it's purpose. Due to the power of sin, God was present but removed physically from his people in his dwelling place, the Templ...

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