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Why we need new church plants on the Jersey Shore

In the famous words of Dave Letterman, "96% of all statistics are made up on the spot." Yes, it is true that according to whomever does the research, it is difficult to have no bias whatsoever in the work. And it's also true that you can often hear two statistics concerning the same topic that completely and utterly contradict one another. In prefacing with this, I want t...

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Why Replant a Church rather than close its doors?


I love reading about a church's history, especially if that church has been in existence for a century or more. Those black and white photographs of an old plain church building surrounded by people who ministered to their communities so long ago - what a great spiritual heritage to have! What a gift and a tresure to continue the work of so many saints who have come before...

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Foundations #6 - Church Planting, Replanting, and Revitalization

Paul and the Apostles understood this commission of Christ as a call to plant churches. He would travel to major urban cities with regional influences, plant a church, and then move on to the next city. People traveling to and fro from these cities would carry the Christian message to the outer limits and small towns outside the city, and thus more churches were planted. I...

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