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So Why Plant a Church?

We love planting churches.  I have heard it called "the most difficult thing that you will ever love".  I just wanted to share a few bullet points on "why plant a church" 


  1. We are called to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).  There are a variety of ways to be obedient to the Great Commission, but church planting is one of them and we believe to be one of the most effective ones. 
  2. Church planting is a very effective way to fulfill the great commission- As we make disciples, as we are called to do in the Great Commission, the local church is where these new disciples grow to mature discipleship (Ephesians 4) 
  3. We have a high view of the local church- We are are called to do the work of an evangelist.  Unfortunately in recent years evangelism and the local church have not always worked in concert with each other.  As we see new people added to the Kingdom, it should stand to reason that new churches should develop to shepherd and train these new disciples 
  4. People should not have to commute to find a good church- We believe that there should be a solid, Gospel Centered, Bible preaching, missionally engaging church available for all people in all areas of all nations. 
  5. People are more likely to be on mission if they live by their church- Its hard to invite someone to experience the life that we share in communion with other believers if we are commuting 45 minutes to get there. 
  6. We raise up leaders to send them out- We should not be developing planters and pastors just to have a glut of gifted leaders and teachers under one building.  We raise them up to send them out so that they will raise up others and send them out. 
  7. New churches reach new people- Planting churches is not an indictment to other churches in the area.  It is simply a commentary on the fact that we do not have enough churches to keep up with the growth in population coinciding with the decline in church attendance across the nation.  So, even if all of the churches in an area are killing it, we need all the Kingdom-minded-Gospel-loving folks we can get to reach those who have never heard or believed. 

There are many more reasons and each of these can go a lot deeper but we are starting in the shallow end and will begin writing more on this process of church planting. 

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