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Redeemer 4th & 5th

We are SO EXCITED to be announcing a new class for our 4th and 5th grade students.  This class will be designed to be a bit meatier to really help these kids as they grow to learn God's Word, to know the Gospel, and to make their relationship with Christ their own. 

After singing some songs, we release all of the children from PreK to 5th grade into their age appropriate classrooms, so that they can learn, have fun, make friends and begin to grasp the Good News about Jesus. At Redeemer Fellowship, we talk about Jesus a lot, and make Him our main focus. Your children will get the same thing in their classes, an education that teaches that God's Word, and all of life is all about Jesus. We use the Gospel Project curriculum, which helps students see that Jesus is the main focus of the bible, not a bunch of disjointed moralistic stories.  Below is the promo for the curriculum:

Along with the teaching through the Gospel Project, we will also be teaching the students about worship, communion, baptism, sitting under sermons, and preparing them to be active participants and members in the Body of Christ

After the service is over, parents pick up their students in the same class that they dropped them off at after going through a safe, secure sign out process. If you have any questions, or are interested in volunteering in this ministry please email Marshall, our deacon of children's ministries at