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Our Story

Our Story

We can say with confidence that Redeemer Fellowship is a story of God's unending, unrelenting grace.  It is also a story of two streams coming together to form a stronger work to magnify the beauty of our Savior.  

Redeemer Fellowship is a brand new work of God that brought together two existing works so we could use our combined gifts to better serve the Jersey Shore, minister to the people that God has entrusted to us, and reach the areas where we live, work and play with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

It took a fair amount of humility for a church with over 25 years of experience and a much younger church of 5 years experience to come together to form something that was stronger than the sum total of its parts.  But, we believe that Jesus is honoring that humility and showing us that when we do not let small differences cause to fracture, but instead are willing to work through them, while still maintaining and upholding sound reformed doctrine, Gospel Centered preaching, plurality of leadership, a vision to reach the shore, and a desire to care for and disciple the body, that God would bless it with His presence. 

And He has, and we pray that as we continue this new work, that He continues to do so, because we only want to do this with Jesus leading the work...

Please come and visit with us and see where you can join in and be a part of this new work that God is doing here on the Jersey Shore. 

We look forward to meeting you and serving you